Collect valuable feedback from your visitors with Wi-Fi Surveys

No one will deny that feedback from visitors is the foundation of a prosperous business. Judge for yourself: what, if not their opinion will help to identify the shortcomings of the product or service, and sometimes even give ideas for the development of the company?

Gather customer’s reviews through Social Boom Wi-Fi! Surveys will help to build a connection with your customers through Wi-Fi

  • The statistics of responses will help to make the right decision
  • Easy customization and creation of surveys
  • Ability to run multiple campaigns
  • Different options of surveys: Rate and comment or answer multiple choice question

The guests’ opinion can be used for different purposes, here we list some of them:

  • Improving the quality of customer service
  • Evaluation of PR and advertising activity
  • Control of the employees’ performance
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Search for ideas for development

This mechanic helps to understand the customer’s real need for a product or service and assess the demand, and the module itself is easy to configure and allows you to run several campaigns at once: for example, you can develop questions separately for men, and separately for women, regular guests, and for new clients – another.

Irish pub “Mulligans” collected 4 240 reviews in 6 months!

Our user-friendly Wifi platform is a perfect fit for many businesses. Most of our clients are often related to the following industries

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