Increase client engagement with a power of Wi-Fi Marketing

Powerful Wi-Fi marketing solutions for your business

Acess in exchange for advertisement

• Turn WiFi in a tool to attract customers
• Ask guests to enter WiFi through social networks
• Users will share posts to all their friends all over the world
• Likes and followers on the company page
• Data on gender, age, number of visits and birthdays

Get more out of your public wifi hotspot using our innovative wifi solutions.

Advantages for your business

Tell your customers about new offers by showing them on a splash page when your visitors connect to your Wi-Fi network. Planner option will allow you to plan as many splash pages with different advertisement as you like for any time and date.

  • Create beautiful full screen splash pages
  • Plan them for any time, day or date in the future
  • Choose from many login options such as: Facebook (ad shares+likes), Twitter (ad shares), Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Password and Skip buttons,  E-mail, Videos on a splash page and in browser ad banners
  • Redirection to any webpage, Videos, Application download links after client login and in advertisement that clients share
  • Different choices of starting pages (Full screen and half screen)

When connecting to your free Wifi Hotspot your clients will follow your business page and share your latest promotions, discounts or event to all their friends on social media. All new promotions can be planned for any time and date.

  • Targeted advertisement to every friend of each customer
  • Get attention of more than a 100,000 potential clients every month
  • Be able to see the reach of your ad campaigns and the reach from each client share
  • Get analytical insights

Social Media Following

Retain your customers and build strong relationships with your guests and visitors who use your free Wi-Fi.

List of clients

  • New and returning visitors
  • Number of visits
  • Last visit
  • Client Social Media pages with the ability to contact them directly
  • Advertisement reach from each customer to their friends
  • Ability to block users and give unlimited access
  • Session timeout
  • User-friendly Calendar of birthdays of your clients
  • Export data to Excel or CSV


  • Reach of Advertisement views
  • Ability to choose specific timeframe
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages of your clients
  • Operating systems and Devices
  • Peak hours
  • Types of engagement
  • Interests of clients
  • Client feedback
  • Export data to Excel, CSV or PNG

 Data, customization and management across multiple locations, and the ability to run global and local campaigns

It takes few clicks for your visitors to send your special offer to a friend. Their friends receive unique promo code as a gift from your customers.

After your client does an action: by sending publicity or by other options, they are being redirected to any website that the owner of the venue wants. By doing this your Google rankings and rankings in social media are growing. (Example: TripAdvisor, YouTube, Facebook etc.)

Our user-friendly Wifi platform is a perfect fit for many businesses. Most of our clients are often related to the following industries

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