What is Social Boom WiFi

Social Boom is a social WiFi software thats turns your public WiFi hotspot into powerful WiFi advertising and marketing tool.

We offer effective ways to monetize your WiFi and build stronger relationships with your clients using the social WiFi hotspot at your venue or event.

Discover social wifi software

While you provide free internet access to your guests, our user-friendly platform helps you to promote your business and increase client engagement.

Create and schedule special offers

Track new and returning visitors

Create custom surveys

Advertise your business and monetize your public WiFi by advertising other local businesses

WiFi Marketing

How we help businesses

From 2012 we help businesses with the organization and the support of public Wi-Fi networks with marketing and analytical capabilities. For over 4 years we prove that Wi-Fi can bring a tremendous advantage. During this time, we have helped thousands of venues to solve business problems through the guest Wi-Fi network.

We tested a large number of marketing mechanics together with our customers and we have impeccable cases that are ready to run for you. Furthermore, we can develop individual mechanics under the objectives of your business.


Create and schedule custom login pages

Use your splash page to show your clients your latest offers and discounts. Plan promotions for any time and date.

Get more social media following

Ask your clients to share your latest promotions and to follow your business page. Plan all new promotions ahead of time.

Implement client retention programs

Build strong relationships with your guests and visitors who use your free Wi-Fi.

Send a gift to a friend

Send a gift (promo code) to a friend

Create custom surveys

Improve the customer service by asking your visitors to complete brief surveys.

Integrate loyalty programs

Give to your customers the bonus points for using your free Wi-Fi.

WiFi Monetization

Monetize your WiFi hotspot by advertising other local businesses

Our WiFi Platform allows to ask users to share an offer or to follow a fan page on social media before they get access to the internet via your free WiFi hotspot.

While you give to your visitors free internet access, you can generate revenue by advertising other businesses using your public WiFi hotspot.

Our user-friendly Wifi platform is a perfect fit for many businesses. Most of our clients are often related to the following industries

WiFi Advertising

Get more exposure by advertising your business to the people nearby

If you want to attract more customers to your local business we can place your publicity at other venues who have a big amount of WiFi users.

When connecting to WiFi their visitors will advertise your company and your promotions to their friends all over the world by sharing your publicity on social media.

Get more than 10,000 views of your advertisement per day!


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Our Clients


George Harlow, Baskin Robbins, Owner

It is a perfect solution – connect to Wi Fi through a social network. “Shares” on the wall of friends help to increase the coverage and brand awareness. And in personal account you can get an important information e.g. learn more about audience that visit your place, and in future to adjust an advertising campaign in the same social networks.

Fredrick Stefano , Hotel Urban, Marketing Director

Social Boom Wi-Fi has become for us the best tool to manage “word of mouth advertising”, also helped to reduce cost on internet advertisement. We have noticed the improvement since the first month of using technology.

Max Wilson, Mercedes Benz Dealership, Owner

After the implementation of Social Boom Wi-Fi we were able to evaluate thoroughly the effectiveness of the overall reach of word of mouth advertising, which is especially important for automobile business, where almost no ready-made tools for assessing and improving these indicators.

Get more out of your public WiFi hotspot using our innovative Wi-Fi solutions.

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